The story of Sarah Sharpe

“28th May, 1752: Sarah Sharpe with Elizabeth Lindeman of Labour in Vain Court, Old Fish Street, Mantua Maker, attending the Board, informed them that the said Mrs Lindeman proposed to take the said Elizabeth as her apprentice. Resolved that the said child go awhile upon liking and that Mrs Bandy make enquiry of the mistress against the next Board”.


This time it was a girl, Sarah Sharpe, who was leaving school and wanted to be a mantua maker – this meant she was going to learn to make fashionable dresses  with Elizabeth Lindeman, who had her own business. It was agreed that Sarah should go to Mrs Lindeman for a few weeks to see if everyone was happy, and Mrs Bandy, the head mistress of the school, was to find out about Mrs Lindeman.


A few weeks later, the trustees heard that all was well and agreed to pay for Sarah’s training and let her, too, keep her school clothes. Perhaps Sarah may have helped to make some of the clothes worn by Ann, the daughter of Sir Crisp Gascoyne, when she was Lady Mayoress the next year.