Jobs – The Children’s futures

The early years


FourTimesNoonWhen the school first re-opened, in the middle part of the eighteenth century, the parish of St Botolph was part of a busy and thriving area.


The streets were crowded, and the whole neighbourhood very built up. This was an area where Londoners lived, ran businesses of all kinds, and did their shopping. There were big, grand houses needing servants to run them, stables where horses needed grooms to look after them, shops needing assistants to serve in them, workshops needing skilled workers, inns needing bar staff and thousands of chimneys and roads needing sweeping. So there were many opportunities for finding work of all kinds locally. But some jobs were of course much better than others.


The minute books of the Foundation tell us what some of the young people who left Cass’s school in the 1750s and 60s went on to do. Sometimes we get a little of their stories.