Two World Wars

Houndsditch bomb damage 1941.PCDThe teachers and children had not been in the new building long before the First World War broke out. Although the school was not officially evacuated, many children did leave London, so that by the end of the war, only 47 children remained on the school rolls.


In the Second World War, the whole school was evacuated to Aylesbury. The whole of the City of London suffered hugely in the blitz, including the Houndsditch area. Bombs dropped on the night of 16/17th May 1941 seriously damaged the school buildings.


After the War


When the children returned after the war, education began to change. Until this time, pupils stayed at the same school until they were fifteen or sixteen, but in 1965, a new secondary school was created with the Redcoat School, and the older pupils from the Foundation School, moving to a new site in Stepney. The Foundation school has remained as a Primary school and Family Centre on the same site since then.