Journeys and Diversions

Time Out


In the early years of the school there is no mention in the minute books of any entertainments or outings except the annual roast beef dinner on Founder’s Day.


the_grand_tourThis was long before most Londoners would expect to take holidays away from home. The very richest young men would go on the “Grand Tour” of several European countries, staying away for several years. But travel was too difficult, expensive and time-consuming to be within the reach of the many.


There were plenty of school holidays, but it is almost certain that few if any pupils expected to go on journeys as part of them..


The same applied to school trips or even lessons outside the classroom. The options for getting around London were limited to walking, riding, a coach or a sedan chair, and all the last three options were expensive. And no one thought that education for a poor child ought to include any time outside the classroom.